AotW: Facebook Narcissism

While I can see the validity of research like this, I can’t say I find it wholly correct. I see a lot of ridiculous people with touched up pictures on Facebook, and there are probably thousands of people out there that edit their pictures in this form. So this article is suggesting that there are thousands of people out there that are completely self-absorbed. Not everybody using Facebook is a narcissist, and not everybody has the personality type to turn into one simply by having a Facebook profile. Facebook has many uses, some good and some bad, and you have to assume that not everyone is on Facebook so have people tell them that they are pretty. Although I do not agree with the practice of editing your own pictures to make yourself more attractive, I do agree that this research has some good points about people who check their Facebook a lot. Really though, I have no clue who has the time to be online that much, unless maybe you art an old lady with a lot of younger male friends. Which is quite unlikely.

Article of the Week #18

Finally, an article of the week that I can actually agree with! I really like the tone of this article in saying that America in fact isn’t a loser of a country. Everyone keeps repeating that we are failing economically and politically, and that we are not a dominant country anymore. I realize that we have had a lot less success in the global market as of late, but we are by no means to be written off. Here in America, we still have so many amazing oppourtunites and the majority of us have a very blessed life. So I’m not sure why it seems to be so terrible to live here. I do, however, recognize that there are those struggling with their economic situation right now, but I think as a whole America is still a great country and that we don’t need to just accept that we are losing our status as a superpower. Just because we have a number of obese and unneducated people does not give anyone the right to write off the hardworking and intelligent people living here. I liked this article of the week-for once!-because it explained why America should not be discarded. I hope to see more articles like these!

Aotw: smart kids and alcohol

I totally appreciate what this article is talking about here, but if I thought about why smart kids turn to alcohol, I would say its because smart children take difficult course loads and extracurriculars, and therefore get very stressed out, which leads to the drinking. I personally do not think alcohol would ease the pressure, but that it would consume even more of your time. Yet I know so many smart people that find time to drink that the evidence is conclusive and overwhelming. Also, I absolutely do not think heavy drinking is a sign of intelligence. If you were truly intelligent, you wouldn’t be getting drunk every weekend and throwing away your life. It’s simply not smart. I think the reason that this article says intelligent people grow up to drink on great quantities is because they figure that smarter people grow up to hold more stressful jobs and therefore drink more. I’m not sure where this type of reasoning comes from, because my father went to Cornell and hold an excellent job and is by no means an alcoholic. So I’m not sure I’m on board with this article.

AOtW #16

Honestly, I am so sick of people from older generations slamming on our generation. If you were born in the same era as we were, I bet you would be the same exact way. This article fell along with almost every other article of the week prior to this one; either absurd or extremely dull. This one was really hard to read without falling asleep. I understand that our generation has more technology that your generation did when you were a kid, but that does not mean that our generation is any less valuable than an older one. If younger people dont move to different states anymore, why does it even matter? Really, who cares whether people move away from their hometown or not? I find it slightly crazy that people need our generation to leave our hometowns and move out of state. Apparently, they would oppose it if I decided to live in Vestal my whole life. I’m not sure what will happen in my future, but I do know that I would like to see other parts of the world. I’m excited to go to college somewhere other than Vestal, but I like my family a whole lot more than I will ever like living out of state. So what if New York has something like the second highest taxes in the country? I believe Jersey is number one. I live our state and the older generations can deal with it.

On My Mind #6

This week, what has been on my mind is friendship. There are lots of different kinds of friendship. There’s the kind of friendships that you get from the girl who sits with you at lunch, reminds you to blog every Wednesday, and who you can get a ride home from without even asking. We all have those friends; those people who we know where the clean silverwear is in their house and what color is their little sister’s favorite. But what about the kind of friendship that comes from the opposite gender? I think this kind of friendship is just as valueable. I understand the principle developed in When Harry Met Sally, which for those of you out there who never saw that movie-and you should seriously get on that pronto-is the theory that two people of the opposite gender cannot ever be friends without one them them wanting to be with the other. I guess that I support this theory, but I think a boy and a girl can be really great friends even after a relationship. Sometimes I think it’s more important to maintain a great, durable friendship than push for something more. I also think friendship is undervalued. I have many different times of friends, and they all mean something.

On My Mind #5

At the moment, what is foremost on my mind is how much I miss cross country. Never in the world would I have thought I would be saying this, never in a million years. I hated running. I was, and still am, an active member of the track team and I love it. I love early morning meets and bus rides and getting ribbons, and running around the infield like lunatics. But I’m a jumper, which means not pacing yourself around a track or hurdling rapidly. I sprint exactly sixteen steps, the number required for both triple jump and pole vault. I love what I do, and I never had to run more than a mile. When I joined cross country this year, I was sick to my stomach all the morning of the first race. But when you finish any race, it is such an adrenaline rush, such a high, that it’s always worth it. Plus, you get to be covered in mud and you often get donuts afterwards. I miss running to the Cider Mill to get donuts with my team. I miss the lazy jog to the watering hole behind weis on hot days, where we would strip down to our spandex and scale the waterfall.  I miss Coach Fancher and how he told jokes without moving the muscles in his face and then laughed. I miss the pre-meet dance party, because we always sang Disney songs. I miss playing Zoo and the Vegetable Game at the Friday night spaghetti dinners around the campfire. I even miss the zany boys cross country team and their crazy games. I even miss the actual running and how good it felt to exercise so much each days. Basically, I can’t wait until next year and I can’t believe I miss running so much.

On My Mind #4

You know how people say that life is short? They’re wrong. Okay, let me rephrase that: they are not wrong, just mistaken. Life is fast. Almost too much so. I feel like my days go by in the exact same manner. Rising much too early for my taste, dragging through the regular classes. Humming along to my music during art, zoning out through econ, letting pre-calc fog my head. I walk back to my locker at the end of each day with the same people, swap outfits in the locker room with the same people, and sweat through practice with the same old people. (Parallel structure there, I believe, Miss Harris) You can imagine my simple nights at home. Nothing much new from day to day. Sometimes I think I could blink and appear at the same point in my day, only it would be tomorrow. That’s how similar and monotonous my days are. I know they say that each year goes faster and faster, but I honestly didn’t expect this. I am filled with the quiet return on the routine, and as much as I resent that routine I am afraid for the days that it leaves me. In the immortal words of Mr Ferris Bueller, life moves pratty fast. If you don’t stop to look around once in a while, you’ll miss it.

Article of the Week

Okay, that was the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. I know that I have a critical opinion of most of the articles of the week, but this one really did make my stomach hurt. The kind of questions that these students were just asked are the kind of things I have known, and probably at least ninety percent of the people in this school, since about the fifth grade. The questions that these kids were asked are simple. Not rocket science. I feel bad that people go to the kind of school that doesn’t teach them simple things like the capitol of their state and our country’s various wars. Even Vestal High School teaches basic knowledge. What kind of teachers are at these schools, anyway? I think that the teachers are to blame for this lack of normal knowledge. My brother is in the seventh grade, and I asked him the same questions that were asked in this film. He got them all; easy. Because how could people NOT know those things? I may not always pay complete attention in school, but anyone who showed just a tiny bit of interest would know this stuff. One of the student even mentioned that he didn’t think he was taught these things. Excuse me, but exactly what school district are these kids from?  Because I would love to see the curriculum. This is an especially interesting issue for actual teachers because I think that it is totally the fault of the teachers in that school. Frankly, I think this article was pathetic and something really needs to be done about this and it need to be done fast.

On My Mind #3

Are you having a nice weekend? I am. I went out to dinner last night for Mexican and bubble tea, which was as a general thing an excellent night. I had never had Mexican food before, or at least higher-grade Mexican than Taco Bell (yummm) or the tacos my mother makes in our kitchen. I ordered one soft taco, to play it on the safe side, and one chicken enchilada. Although it was pretty scrumptious, I’m still not quite sure what was in it. So in general a good meal. I thoroughly enjoyed the toothpick dispenser, because who doesn’t love a good free toothpick? They had little buckets of mints out, but we weren’t allowed to take them. They were fifty cents apiece, which is silly because you can go and get 80 of them at Wegmans for that price, from the Pic-A-Mix bin. Afterwords, we hit bubble tea next door. It’s a huge craze, but I only like the Crush stuff without the tapioca balls, which is basically just ice lemonade with flavoring. All in all, quite a good date. 🙂

Article of the Week #11-Regulating Sugar

Okay, I see what this article is basically trying to say: that sugar is toxic and you should regulate your intake of the product. But in no way is it toxic to the level that alcohol or tobacco is. You cannot get emphysema from intaking too much sugar. Similarily, sugar cannot induce poisoning and a stomach pumping. Although people say you can get on a “sugar high” , I do not think we should be regulating sugar in the same manner as we are regulating alcohol and tobacco. We have laws about who can buy cigarrettes, and we have laws about who can possess and consume alcohol, but I do not see a need to implement a law to regulate sugar intake. It is my personal belief that people should not have to be told how to regulate their sugar; that people should take responsibility and help themselves. I mean, we don’t live in socialist Russia here. What are you going to do, impose laws to allow only adults to buy sugar? Ridiculous. Manage your own health and diet so that you can live a long, healthy life. You should also be able to regulate your own alcohol and tobacco. If you smoke too much tobacco and drink too much alcohol, you will pay the price. If you don’t watch your own sugar intake-something  no government should have to do for you-you will also pay the price. Basically, sugar should be something a person can learn to manage themselves so as not to jeopardize their health and weight, and no government can do that for you.